#54 – VortiNinja

So if this isn’t totally hilarious to you, ponder the implications: The Vorticon has not changed out of his ninja suit since the whole “Invasion of the Vorticons” incident went down, meaning:

  1. The guy has probably not taken a shower or washed his clothes since then. Or if he has, it must have been an awkward process indeed. As we all know, personal hygiene — or the lack thereof — is always funny.
  2. Also, there’s the fact that he never considered maybe using scissors or some other mechanism to free himself from the clothes. And ignorance is endlessly amusing.
  3. Finally, consider how strange his daily life must be. Either his interpersonal interactions are full of preemptive explanations and embarrassment, or he avoids them altogether and has resigned himself to isolation. Again, social anxiety: so funny!

So by this point, anything short of rolling-on-the-floor laughter on your part is simply inexcusable, and I have nothing more to say. *snort*

Next update: August 17, 2015

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