#98 – Melee

When I first came up with this story “arc,” the idea was to have Keen and #1’s story start out relatively believable, then have it gradually get more and more crazy as it went on. I also intended Page’s character to be really gullible and totally believe it for most of the time. When I started writing however, I realized it was more interesting to make the story nuts from the start. And the more I wrote, the more it was obvious that Page wasn’t falling for any of it. For this strip in particular, I always intended Page to have that line in the last panel, but it was originally supposed to be genuine to show how truly naive he was. So when I got to the point to actually create the comic for real, I realized the line still worked–but now he’s saying it with a very different/sarcastic tone.

I just think it’s funny how it all worked out, and is another example of how interesting the writing process can be.

Oh, and if you didn’t already notice, the attack moves are (almost) all named after rock albums. I wanted to have them all be named after KISS albums since that’s what #2’s avatar is modeled after, but there just weren’t enough that worked as attacks and had at least two words. So the only ones that made the cut were “Love Gun” and “Sonic Boom.” And I was originally going to have the last one be “Greatest Hits,” but liked the idea of “Five Finger Death Punch” better–despite the fact that it’s a band, not an album, and the fact that #3 only has four fingers.

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