#111 – Princess Lindsey

Those of you who have been with this strip for a while may remember that I originally did this as an “extra” strip. I’ve always wanted to add it to the official continuity; and since Page previously mentioned that the Council was going to meet with the Princess, I figured this was the perfect opportunity.

And on the subject of being with the strip for a while, I have to report with a heavy heart that this will be my final Commander Keen comic. I’ve been doing this strip on-and-off for something like 16 years, and I think now is as good a time as any to bring it to a close.

Before signing off, I want to thank the small but dedicated group of fans that stuck with this comic for all these years — especially the vibrant community over at the PCKF. In an internet full of overwhelmingly negative attitudes, I’ve been blessed with fans who gave me nothing but positivity and encouragement. Creating comics is a lot of fun in itself, but seeing that if affects some else — even if it’s just for a fleeting second — brings a sense of satisfaction and complete-ness to the work. Thank you for giving me that experience.

So this is me, waving goodbye as I fly off in the Beans-with-Bacon Megarocket with my pet yorp while humming “Into The Future”.

Thanks for playing!