#105.2 – The Stuff

One snag I didn’t foresee with some of these comics was the fact that all of the writing on the various items needed to be in Standard Galactic. That’s a problem when part of the plot (or joke) is communicated through said writing. This comic is the perfect example: I needed to write “Life Water” on the bottle to show that it was the stuff that gives you an extra life in the game, but if it’s written in SGA, then no one will realize that unless they go through the hassle of decoding it. So that’s why I have it in both SGA and English in the last panel. My in-universe explanation is that it’s something like in Canada where things can be in English/French or the US where they’re English/Spanish or even in Japan where some things will be in both Japanese characters and Roman characters. On Gnosticus V, it’s just a hold over from the events in Keen 4. Or something like that. I don’t know. I’m a hack writer. Sue me.

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