#107 – The Debt

Originally, this was going to be a much longer and convoluted story that ended in a somewhat lame reveal about the truth behind the “favor” — all in the service of showing Keen and the Council messing with a very naive Page. Of course, the final version of Page ended up having a more cynical attitude; and I eventually realized that it was pointless to drag out the story since Page didn’t believe any of it anyway. I ended up reworking the story with the “shoot Page to keep him from shutting down the video game” ending. I liked it as a callback to the “Invasion of the Vorticons” games where Keen stuns his parents to keep them from finding his rocket. It still ended up being a long, convoluted story; but at least I was able to curb the insanity a little bit. Not to say that this is the end quite yet…

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