#53 – “Yes, Dear”

You think I went too far with this one? Or maybe not far enough? Regardless, the Vorticon’s situation probably wasn’t even all that bad until the whole “toothbrush” thing came up. That turned it from forced servitude to flat-out sadism.

On a completely different note, I have to apologize for something that no one other than me probably cares about, namely the title of this post. If I was being consistent with the trend, the title should have been “Mind Control Belt,” but I thought that would give away the punchline so I came up with the current alternative. And so with that confession I can not only rest easy tonight, but I can also be satisfied in having filled up this comment space with even more pointless babble. Score!

Next update: August 3, 2015

3 thoughts on “#53 – “Yes, Dear”

  1. Keening_Product

    These are great, and I think this title works much better than the alternative would have 🙂

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