#39 – Mortimer McMire

Taking some advice from Arjak over at the Keen Forums, I re-drew an older “extra” comic and made it part of the (un)official comic as Mort’s intro. (Gotta love that hair!) You can find the original here.

Funny story about this one… Someone (I can’t remember who) contacted me privately over at the Commander Keen Public Forum because he thought Mort’s hair looked like something out of Dragonball Z. He ended up creating an altered version of the comic to show Mort blowing Keen’s face off with a DBZ-style blast. I ended up adding some quick dialogue that I thought was appropriate. The result is not pretty, but is still kind of hilarious.

More of Mort to come… 😉

Disclaimer: Commander Keen is copyrighted by various entities that are not me. The original game was created by this guy.

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