#70 – Chase

And it’s done! Man, that took a loooooooooong time. But despite the wait, it doesn’t doesn’t look like more than just a couple of people bothered with the whole Instagram thing. Of course, given the number of people who follow this strip, that’s probably a healthy amount by proportion.

As for the comic itself, the one thing I do need to explain is the random presence of the humungous jacks. When I first wrote out this chase sequence, it only involved Keen running from the robot, and I wanted to do something where Keen—at least once—attacked it. That’s when I remembered that in the original story, the Vorticon Youths would play a game of jacks “where the ball is the size of their body and the jacks are deadly!” But obviously kid-size jacks wouldn’t do much good against the Mangling Machine, so I blew them up to roughly the size of a building. How these kids used those things in their evil-Vorticon training (which is what I assumed they were used for) I have no idea. But I figure that the city never got around to getting rid of all of them, so now they are scattered around town where kids use them as play structures. Makes sense? Not really. But the scene turned out pretty cool anyway.

So will Keen be able to escape the Mangling Machine’s cannon? Hey, just because you’re the titular character, doesn’t mean you get a free pass in this world. But just between you and me, I’m pretty sure he’ll survive.

Next update: July 25, 2016

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