#64 – Gone!

Although these comics make the most sense and are the most entertaining if you’ve actually played the original games, I do at least try to make them somewhat accessible to those who haven’t. But in this case, I threw that principle out the window, as I’m pretty sure that last panel will be confusing to anyone who has not played the games.

So just to explain to those unfamiliar with—or who don’t remember the finer details of—the game’s story: Keen is referring to the first game where the Vorticons steal the main components of his Megarocket, thus stranding him on Mars. And Rex is referring to Keen’s pogo stick which he pilfered from the Pogo Shrine during his journey to get those parts back.

I originally wanted to have Rex say, “At least 2/3 of those items weren’t yours to begin with” since it’s arguable whether Keen built his blaster or took it from the planets he visited. In the end though, I decided to go with the more conservative route of only referencing the pogo.

Next update: January 4, 2016

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