#58 – Toy

This one is an interesting study on the creative process because originally in the third panel Raff simply said, “Oh! Riiiiiiiiiight…” But sometime after I’d started laying it out I suddenly realized that I’d taken that line off of Kronk in “Emperor’s New Groove”. I debated on whether anyone would notice or care, but eventually concluded that it bothered me as much as anything so I had to quickly come up with something else. But I just thought it was interesting that I could unconsciously steal someone else’s work and never realize it.

And on a separate note, I do realize that Raff’s t-shirt isn’t written in SGA, but I wanted people to notice the reference without having to do the translation. And anyway, I figure that’s just part of how Mortimer’s enslavement of the Vorticons influence their culture. Kind of how if you go to Tokyo you see stuff written in english all over the place.

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