#49.3 – Attack of the Vorticons, pt. 3

So I’ll be merciful this time (to those that care about such things) and give you the Standard Galactic translation of the sign in the first panel: Wel[come] to Vorticon VI – “A Nice Place to Live”.  It’s an obscure reference to a certain popular movie from 1985. Not sure who will be interested in that trivia tidbit, but I need to write something to fill in this part of the post, so there you go. Plus, if you can guess what the movie is, feel free to comment. Or just comment to comment. Or don’t. Whatever. It’s a free country.

Next update: May 11, 2015

One thought on “#49.3 – Attack of the Vorticons, pt. 3

  1. Alexia

    When I played this series of games, I was able to read SGA signs fluently.
    Now … not so much anymore. v,v
    Great comic, by the way!


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