Keen 3D Character Designs

Back before my long hiatus, someone over at the Keen Public Forums asked if I could do some character designs for him. He wanted to create a 3D animation based on the intro to “Secret of the Oracle” and he needed some drawings to model the characters around. Not really having developed characters for other people before—especially with relation to CG—I wasn’t really sure what was needed. I did what I could and had a bit of back-and-forth with the animator, but eventually the project just petered off. He wanted to keep the project a secret, so despite having lost communication with him I never published the artwork just in case he ever got around to finishing it.

Well, considering how long it’s been I’m fairly certain I’m safe. So since I haven’t finished my next comic yet and I wanted to at least having SOMETHING for my bi-weekly publishing schedule, I thought I’d post the designs here. So there you go.

And if you have some burning desire to be able to read all the writing or see more detail, feel free to view the large version.

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