#34 – Book Him

The officer here is supposed to be a “Korath III Police” guy . I took some liberties, specifically with the hat, which for the life of me I couldn’t figure out what it was actually supposed to be in the original game. In the end, my version turned out to look like Mr. Potato Head.

For your reference (in case you REALLY want to know what the signs say), here’s the SGA.

EDIT: Yeah, I’m an idiot. As it was explained to me on DeviantArt, the hat that the officer wear is supposed to be a Scottish bonnet. Alhtough in my defense, the pixelated version of the character in the game makes it difficult to decipher what it is, despite the bagpipe music and big mustache (is that racist?) that point to something of Scottish origin. I don’t know. I say it’s still open to interpretation… Am I right?… Anyone?…

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