4 thoughts on “#36 – Almost Caught

  1. sylvainulg

    another day of Billy’s daily life.

    Keep on. Show us Billy at school… Is he telling proudly his adventures to comrades? Does he race the bus school with his pogo stick ? Is he hiding a yorp in his desk ? Is he finding gym courses much harder than his outer space mission given earth’s increased gravity ?

    This and more in the next episodes of …

    *C*o*m*m*a*n*d*e*r* *K*e*e*n*
    the comic strip

    (yeah. couldn’t resist. /me == fan)

  2. Anonymous

    I agree with Anonymous #1! When I first played Keen 3, I was confused by the final boss. There was no mention of Mortimer beforehand, and I think that if you ever go back to the storyline presented in the games, it would be great to establish his rivalry and history with Keen! I can just imagine Keen complaining about McMire cheating on his IQ test, just so he could one-up Billy! BTW, I love your work on this comic! It perfectly captures a spirit akin to the games and I cannot wait for more!


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