#41 – Congratulations

Sorry for doing another swirly joke so soon after the last one. Hopefully I’ll be able to show more of Mort’s personality in the next one.


19 thoughts on “#41 – Congratulations

  1. sylvainulg


    Are you going to make us a cameoh of some Hitch-Hiker Guide to the Galaxy for #42 ? Like Keen looking for directions towards the Vorticon system and finding a depressed robot on a mud-filled planet ?

    Whatever, you’re giving us wonderful fun here. Keep up !

  2. Benford

    Wow, this comic is great! I loved the games when they were first released in the early 90’s.

    Your depiction of Keen resembles Calvin from ‘Calvin and Hobbes’ a bit, especially from the early mars comics. I definitely got a spaceman spiff vibe. Great work!

  3. Anonymous

    I quite like this comic. The sort of calvin-esque style is definitely an original take on the games. Also, I really like how Mortimer looks.

  4. Bob

    I’m not sure when to expect a new comic, but there will be one. I’m trying to plan it so that I can put them out more regularly so I don’t want to start up again until I can be sure I can pull that off. So stay tuned.

    As for the icon, I didn’t create the German site and never really thought about creating one for this blog. Again, once I get to making the strip on a regular basis hopefully I’ll be making some changes to the site itself as well maybe including the icon.

  5. Grim

    hi! great comic 🙂
    i was wondering how you set up the layout. i really want to display my comics in the same way, but have no idea. help!!


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