#91 – The Oracle

“The Oracle is a large mysterious device, and as Keen himself calls it, a ‘monolith of ancient wisdom’, located in Gnosticus IV. Eight of the Gnosticenes, the chosen Council Members, are needed to activate it, although their exact roles in the process are unknown…” —KeenWiki

In the game, the Oracle projects an image and some sort of telepathic message; but that’s only one of its many means of communication—at least in my version. Basically, each of those eyes on the base opens to reveal a different method to relay information. My original idea was to have it dispense a fortune cookie, but I liked the idea of a “dot matrix” printer better.

2 thoughts on “#91 – The Oracle

    1. Bob T Post author

      The toner isn’t for the dot matrix. It’s for the office laser printer. If the dot matrix is low, it has a little blinking light. 😀


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