#42 – Omegamatic

An extended version of the original Omegamatic ad.

Note about this one: I originally thought that the company that created the Omegamatic was called “VortiCorp” implying that the Vorticons actually built it. Only after I was 95% done with this comic did I realize it was actual “VitaCorp”. View Full Comic

#35 – Late Night

I’m not sure what I think about this one. It’s certainly not as cool-looking as it could have been. That’s because I used 8.5×11 paper instead of the 11×17 paper I’d used for my last “Sunday” strip. View Full Comic

#7 – Garg

A “Sunday” format strip… These take forever to do, but it definitely gives me a good source of experimenting and expanding the story a bit.View Full Comic